Head of Production,

As Head of Production for Vision3, Adam works closely with Production teams on Feature Film and Large 3DTV projects to cost and assemble bespoke 3D equipment and workflow solutions. Adam is also current Co-Chair of the UK Committee of the International 3D Society. Based in Los Angeles, the I3DS brings together the top Hollywood Studios and TV Broadcasters to create a trusted independent voice of authority and education for Stereo 3D. The UK Committee was formed to represent the interests and innovations of UK Based 3D Projects on an international level.

Now one of the company directors, Adam joined Vision3 in 2008, from his role as Business Development Producer at Bigger Pictures.

Vision3 are the UK and Europe’s leading 3D Specialists, recently completing stereo supervision of Warner Bros forthcoming blockbusters Jack The Giant Slayer and Gravity, as well the breakout British Feature Doc TT3D: Closer to the Edge and the BAFTA award winning Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough.

About Vision3
Vision3 are the bridge between the emerging Stereoscopic technology and fantastic ideas shooting in 3D. With an emphasis on pushing the creative possibilities of the format, Vision3 provide expert Stereoscopic consultancy and experienced 3D Camera and Post Production Teams for Feature Films, Documentary, and Special Events projects.