Senior Vice President, Film Production
IMAX Entertainment

Hugh Murray has been with IMAX for 23 years during which he has helped guide the evolution of IMAX 3D production technology. Hugh helped design the optical chain for the first IMAX 3D camera and has had a special role in the evolution of 2D/3D conversions, especially of animated films.  He was the instigator and is also a Producer, along with Steve Hoban, of the computer animated film Cyberworld – based on the first commercial 2D/3D conversions of existing computer animated clips.  He then supervised the conversion effort for the IMAX 3D version of The Polar Express as well as IMAX’s internal 2D/3D conversion work.  His most recent 3D conversion project was to serve as Director David Yates’ stereographer for the 3D version of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Hugh is a frequent technical and 3D advisor on IMAX original productions and served as Producer on the IMAX 3D production Magnificent Desolation: Walking On The Moon 3D.

About IMAX
IMAX Is Believing. It’s an entertainment experience so real you feel it in your bones, so magical it takes you places you have never been; so all-encompassing you’re not just peeking through the window, but part of the action. Behind it is a world of high technology – proprietary software, architecture and equipment pioneered by IMAX. IMAX is unique – not an entertainment or technology or distribution company but all three at once: an innovator with patented technology; a Hollywood insider that partners with the world’s most celebrated moviemakers to enhance their biggest blockbusters and documentaries; and a global enterprise with more than 660 theatres in 52 countries. There’s only one IMAX, and once experienced there’s no going back.