Parallax Film Productions

BD3D executive producer and director, Ian Herring, founded Parallax Film Productions to produce his own special brand of content – exploring the world of science and history for Canadian and international audiences.  Growing up, Ian was draw to film technology by shooting dolly shots using shopping carts. Now, he works with the team to morph technologies to create 3D images.



About Parallax Film Productions
Parallax Film Productions delivers factual and dramatic programs to broadcasters all over the world. We specialize in science and engineering documentaries, and produce content in HD and 3D for multiple media platforms.

Sinking an aircraft carrier. Imploding a sports stadium. Deconstructing Macchu Pichu.

Parallax Film Productions profiles feats of reverse engineering technology better than anyone else. We reveal how massive, complex structures were built by showing how they’re taken down. We combine powerful storytelling with unprecedented visuals to provide our audience with experiences that stimulate the mind and captivate the senses.

We’re also on the forefront of 3D filming. We successfully shot, edited, and delivered the implosion of the Fonte Nova Stadium in Salvador, Brazil for the explosive demolition series Blowdown in stereoscopic video.

Our broadcasters include Discovery Channels (US, Canada and International), National Geographic Channels (US, Canada and International), History Channel (US), Channel 4 (UK), FIVE (UK), DMAX (Germany), RAI (Italy), TV Asahi (Japan), PBS NOVA and Nature, History Television (Canada) and others.