Who Should Attend

Ready to Differentiate and Innovate? Add a new dimension to your business. 3D is here to stay. But what does it mean for your business? Whether you’re a content creator, an advertising agency, or any business looking to innovate, 3D will be instrumental to your future growth.

If you’re in retail, fast food, travel, or any other consumer centric business, you’ll want to know how 3D can increase engagement and drive sales. 3D is the next wave in digital displays and mobile interaction so don’t get left in the dark ages…find out how you can leverage it to grow your business and build sales. Plus, meet the people who can make it all happen.

Some of the most profound and life changing 3D innovations are happening in the medical field. Whether you’re a leader in the field of medicine, architecture, or engineering, you need to be in ‘know’ for 3D and how it will impact your industry. Don’t miss this chance to connect with thought leaders that are building the tools to make your future possible.

Did you think that 3D is a fad? Silly you…you were kidding right? Now that we’re getting down to business…it’s time to seriously explore how 3D is going to change the world. Ok, maybe not like batman-style, but it’s still not something to scoff at. If you’re looking for bleeding edge concepts…you only have a 18 months to jump on and jump in. In 2015, 3D ad content will be the norm. So hold on to your cowboy hats and enjoy the ride. Still not convinced? We promise you will be after seeing what we have to show you on Jan 26th.

Our hats are off to you. It’s because of your innovation and insight that 3D is on it’s way to becoming a leading tool in business. Now, we need to work together to continue paving the way. You are the driving force behind 3D content for corporate training, education, advertising, and more. Don’t miss this chance to mingle with global leaders in the 3D content space. Plus, talk directly with the businesses that can benefit from 3D innovation.

Join 3D[FWD] us as we bring together the who’s-who of the 3D community to showcase, discuss, and debate some of the latest developments in 3D, and explore how the 3D transformation will affect your business.

3D[FWD] is brought to you by the SD3 Centre at Emily Carr University of Art + Design the 3D@Home Consortium, and the National Research Council (NRC).