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Events Within Canada

February 5-9th 2014, Vancouver SPARK [FWD] Conference, Film Festival and Job Fair

Early Bird Full conference/festival passes at $225 are now on sale! Visit to order.

SPARK [FWD] 2014 – CONFERENCE “Celebrating innovation and inspiration”. In partnership with the Spark CG Society, S3D Centre, Canadian 3D and Advanced Imaging Society and SIGGRAPH.

Festival: February 5 - 9, 2014             Conference: February 6 – 8             Job Fair: February 7 & 8

This conference and festival is a merged event between SPARK FX event and the 3D[FWD] Conference held in 2013. This new event encompasses VFX, animation, live action, HFR, S3D and advanced imaging. Through panels and presentations, attendees gain insight into the evolution and latest techniques of the industry, as well as exposure to recent and leading artistic and technological advancements.

This strong presentation series is complemented by screenings chosen to exemplify innovation and excellence in the field. Topping off the event, a high-energy reception provides an opportunity for peers and industry leaders to interact and celebrate.

See more at SPARK [FWD] 2014.

Events in the United States

Jan. 28th 2014, The 5th Annual Creative Arts Awards

The prestigious Creative Arts Awards are being handed out once again in Hollywood, Jan 28th 2914. Society members are invited to attend! If you are interested in attending and have not been notified about the event, please contact us.

The Society recognizes outstanding international achievement in film, television, video games, advertising, mobile, electronic broadcast media and other formats of creative content through its 3D and Advanced Imaging Creative Arts Awards. Visit the main Chapters website at International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society for more information and to see past winners.

The award statues, called Lumiere Awards after the Lumiere brothers, have been handed out all over the world from international figures like Ang Lee, James Cameron, Martin Scorcese, Disney-Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony, IMAX, and also small businesses and emerging individuals. Canadians have one Lumieres in the past 4 years.


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