Angus Cameron

Founding Partner, post stereographer,

(Gravity, Wrath of the Titans, World War Z, John Carter)

Co-Founder of Vision3, Angus Cameron has been in VFX for 20 years, working on more than 60 feature, broadcast and commercial projects in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Angus has worked on films both shot in stereo and converted to stereo, including “King Kong,” “John Carter” and “WWZ.” Working closely with a variety of DI and VFX companies, Angus has ensured the seamless integration of CGI into stereo captured images, recently highlighted by the documentaries “Natural History Museum Alive” (Sky), “Inside the Mind of Leonardo” (History Channel) and “Flying Monsters 3D” (Sky).

With Stereo Supervisor & Vision3 Co-Founder, Chris Parks, Angus provided additional stereography on “Gravity” and was post stereographer on “TT3D:Closer to the Edge” and BBC Olympic Idents.

He’s currently co-supervising “Edge of Tomorrow” for Warner Brothers.


About Vision3
Vision3 are the bridge between the emerging Stereoscopic technology and fantastic ideas shooting in 3D. With an emphasis on pushing the creative possibilities of the format, Vision3 provide expert Stereoscopic consultancy and experienced 3D Camera and Post Production Teams for Feature Films, Documentary, and Special Events projects.