Demetri Portelli

Stereographer / 3D Supervisor

Demetri Portelli is a Stereographer / 3D Supervisor who has been working as a cameraman for 20 years. For his stereography on the film ‘HUGO’ by Martin Scorsese, Demetri accepted the award for ‘Best Live Action Stereography’ at The 2012 International 3D Society, Creative Arts Awards. In 2013 Demetri was involved with “47 Ronin 3D” for Universal Pictures and “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet” which marks a first foray in 3D filmmaking by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (“Amelie”).

Demetri was introduced to native 3D capture through his work on the “Resident Evil 3D” films and then continued work in Los Angeles with Cameron Pace Group. Demetri has also worked on live sporting events for ESPN 3D and shot the stereo footage for the official I.O.C. film of The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Demetri is a graduate of The University of Toronto with a Cinema Studies degree and an English Lit specialist. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.