Di He

CG Supervisor // AI VFX Inc.

Di He has been producing and directing computer animated short film, live action short films and commercial since 2003. Di has worked as a visual effect technical director in Film and TV industry. He has won short film festival accolades all over the world, including Golden Panda 2013 (Canada), King Bonn 2011 (China) and SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 (Korea) Awards.

Di’s most recent research and development focus on full-range innovative Stereoscopic (S3D) Production pipeline solutions. Including custom-built motorized stereoscopic camera control, Duo streaming image capturing device, from hardware to software application. In addition, Di has finished challenging post production and Visual effect for various feature films and stereoscopic films.

Di received a degree of Animation — Digital Visual Effect from Sheridan College at 2005, and holds a degree in Computer Since and a degree of Fine Art Sculpture. Di’s production company, Authentic Illusion (AIVFX Inc.), which is comprised of a seasoned team of cinematographers, editors, Visual effect artist, character animator, programmer, electronic engineer, and producers, with offices in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.