John Knoll

Chief Creative Officer and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor,
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)

John Knoll is the Chief Creative Officer and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). John joined the company as a technical assistant in 1986, and was soon promoted to motion control camera operator. After three years of operating, Knoll was called upon to work on the groundbreaking digital effects for “The Abyss.” Since that time, he has helmed the visual effects on more than twenty feature films and numerous commercials and has been honored with both an Oscar and a British Academy Award in addition to multiple nominations.

His film background coupled with an advanced understanding of digital technologies has made Knoll a much sought-after supervisor. John initially took up computer graphics as a hobby. Teaming up with his brother who was working on his Doctoral Thesis in computer vision at the University of Michigan, the Knoll brothers created Photoshop in 1987.



Industrial Light & Magic
Industrial Light & Magic Industrial Light & Magic started a revolution in the world of filmmaking with the release of Star Wars in 1977. Since then, the ILM name has become synonymous with groundbreaking visual effects work and the company continues to be a recognized leader in the field. We continue to provide filmmakers with the ability to tell stories in ways not previously possible, allowing only their imagination to limit what can be achieved.