Justin Jones

Stereoscopic Supervisor // Prime Focus World

“I, Frankenstein”, “Star Wars: Episode I – III (2012-2013)”, “Immortals”, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

Justin joined Prime Focus World in 2008 as part of the Los Angeles visual effects team. Upon delivery of Avatar (2009) the following year, he moved onto the development of the View-D™ stereoscopic conversion pipeline and was also an early contributor to the design and creation of the View-D™ process for broadcast and short-form media 3D.

In his role as Stereoscopic Supervisor, Justin oversees the creative aspects of 3D projects. Early in the project cycle he collaborates with the client to develop a creative strategy as well as to establish the show’s structure and workflow. He works closely with the show’s Producer to carry out shot analysis, schedule consultation, departmental organization, and pipeline development. Justin also manages the show’s progress across a network of teams spanning North America, India, and the United Kingdom.

He has worked with clients including Dreamworks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Relativity Media, and Warner Bros. Most recently, Justin was the key Prime Focus World Stereo Supervisor for the Lucasfilm Star Wars conversions. He worked closely with some of his and the industry biggest contributors; Industrial Light & Magic’s Visual Effects Supervisors including John Knoll and Dennis Muren.


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