Michael Uslan

Executive Producer of the ‘Batman’ franchise

A teacher, writer and executive producer, Michael Uslan has been passionate about comic books and Batman in particular, since childhood. He began sharing his passion while at Indiana University where he created and taught the first ever accredited college course in comics.

His career as a producer began in 1979 when Mr. Uslan acquired the rights to “Batman” from DC comics but it would be nearly twenty years before his dream of bringing the caped crusader to the big screen would be fulfilled but that dream became a reality in 1989 with the release of Tim Burton’s “Batman.”

In the years since his initial success, Mr. Uslan has continued to be involved with the production of all of the “Batman” movies, most recently with the hugely successful “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” and also written a book “The Boy Who Loved Batman” which chronicles his youthful passion for his favourite comic book character from the early years to today.

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