Robert Neuman

Stereoscopic Supervisor,
Disney Animation Studios

Robert Neuman, the Stereoscopic department head for Walt Disney Animation Studios, is one of the industry’s leading experts in 3D filmmaking. Most recently, he served as stereoscopic supervisor for Disney’s 2012 Oscar® nominated film, “Wreck-It Ralph,” and played an integral role in helping the filmmakers add dimension and excitement to that film’s world of video games. He is currently supervising on their upcoming feature, “Big Hero 6″, and also finished the 3D re-release of Disney’s hand drawn classic, “The Little Mermaid”. In addition to stereoscopic creative supervision, Robert pioneered the 3D process used for the re-releases of “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King”, the latter resulting in a 3D Creative Arts Award for Best Stereoscopic Conversion.

Neuman’s work on “Tangled” (Disney’s 50th full-length animated feature, released in 2010) garnered a 3D Creative Arts Award for Best 3D Scene of the Year. His achievements with Disney’s stereoscopic pipeline were honored with a Lumiere Award for 3D Technology. Additionally, his work in 3D has generated a dozen patent applications, and he is the recipient of twelve Disney Inventor Awards for his innovations in stereoscopic filmmaking. Neuman credits his background as a layout artist and supervisor for improving his eye for cinematography, adding to his expertise in stereoscopic filmmaking.

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