Vanessa Jacobsen

Interim Head of Department, Animation and Visual Effects // Vancouver Film School

Vanessa Jacobsen is a Montreal native, happily ensconced in the Vancouver scene. She founded and owned ‘It’s All Fun & Games’ toy store on Commercial Drive in Vancouver for 17 years before moving on to work in the CG industry, beginning with the Vanguard/Starz production of “Space Chimps,” the second CG movie ever made in Canada.

Vanessa has worked at Vancouver Film School for seven years, originally as the Administrative Manager for the 3D Animation & Visual Effects department. Over the years, she has built strong partnerships in the entertainment arts industry which have enhanced the student experience and supported graduates transitioning into their careers.

Now, as the Interim Head of Department, her connections are far reaching. Vanessa has been instrumental in successfully guiding and supporting hundreds upon hundreds of students through the program and into successful artists out in the industry.