Established in February 2013, the non-profit Society’s mandate is to foster 3D and Advanced Imaging innovation in art, science and technology through advocacy, education and celebration of its development and use in Canada. This mandate is an extension of the International goals. In 2009, the International 3D Society headquarters was founded in Los Angeles to advance the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D content and its professional innovators through education, hands on demonstrations and recognition.

The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society joined with various consortiums with the mission to accelerate the commercialization of 3D into homes worldwide and provide the best possible viewing experience by facilitating the development of standards, roadmaps and education for the entire 3D industry. In 2013, the Society’s mandate was expanded to included advanced imaging topics like UltraHD, 4K, autostereo, projection, virtual reality and VFX.

The following principles will guide the society:

  • We provide opportunities for cooperation between our members by facilitating regular events in Canada that bring together the 3D and Advanced Imaging community.
  • We intend to be national in our engagement while respecting the regional diversity within Canada with our approach.
  • The Canadian Chapter is open to any individual, business or organization that are, or intend to be active in progressing 3D and advanced imaging into an exciting new era of creative achievement and consumer adoption.

Activities include:

  • Awards nominations and receptions on a National and Global scale
  • Community events free for members, masterclasses and conferences to compliment community events
  • Reports, market data and monthly newsletters
  • Activities that connect filmmakers, artists, media professionals and engineers together to foster relationships and collaborative projects

About The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society

  • 60 companies and 500 professional members
  • the Technology and 3D Creative Awards programs are held every year honouring the best in 3D and are are open to international members
  • worldwide meetings, workshops and demonstrations
  • Content creators, developers and editors, broadcasting and distribution companies, software, hardware and workflow tool manufacturers, standards bodies, and research and educational institutions are members

Canadian Members Interests:

We are constantly surveying and tracking our members attendance at events to see what they are interested in.

  • film & television production as directors, cinematographers, producers and stereographers.
  • within VFX, 2D-3D conversion, projection mapping and post-production.
  • Education and Government sectors, these members are very valuable when we have events/workshops and do advocacy as a Society.
  • Students and researchers who work within any of these areas.
  • We also have a contingent of software and product developers, along with engineers who make projectors, cameras, rigs, displays, software tools and more.

The Canadian 3D & Advanced Imaging Society values all these members and enjoys connecting them with one another in creating some truly outstanding business and personal relationships.